Our family clothes room!

After years of chasing clothes around our house and trying so hard to implement  routines so the kids would pop their clothes in the right baskets etc, I decided there had to be a better way.  I stumbled on the family closet idea while watching youtube mummy stuff and I knew it was perfect for us.  Why had I not thought of this before.  But then there was the question…..where??  The only room that would work was G’s “man cave”  His very special room to keep his very expensive camera, lap top and anything he needed away from little hands.

So I spoke to him about my idea and he agreed it would be great.  He is so awesome and always supports  my crazy ideas.  He then said his “man cave/office” wasnt right anyway and said he would just build himself a studio out the back which would be better for him and leave us with the perfect room for our family clothes room.  It is perfectly positioned in between the laundry and bathroom so very easy to take dirty washing out to wash and bring in to be sorted.

He then worked really hard to prepare the room for me to move everything in, including a paint job!! We had no money to do any type of fit out so I just used what we had.

I am so excited to see if it will really make life easier for all of us.  It already seems easier in the few days its been up and running.

Here is a before shot….


The door at the back goes outside and to the laundry.  The bathroom is also though the hall to the right.

The sorting begins…..


I knew I had to go through every ones clothes and only keep what we really needed.  They all had way too many clothes. The dressers hold Pyjamas and Jumpers for each kid.  A draw for beanies and a draw for underwear. The Box on top is full of socks.  Sorting socks is the last job on my list and doesn’t happen all that often (I have better things to do with my time)  so they all just get thrown into one box and picked out when needed.


The other door goes into our main living area. I will probably hang a curtain or something incase we dont want to look it while eating dinner.  lol.

On the left is dads clothes. For now I will leave mine in our bedroom. I have a few too many from years of oppshopping 🙂

We hung up a long wooden pole for the kids “good clothes” and extra jackets etc.


The baskets hold their “Farm clothes”. They have one each. These are everyday clothes that they can wear each day when we are not going out.  It’s easy for them to choose what they want to wear and it doesn’t matter if they get filthy. (a regular occurrence around here)

Along the back wall will be  the Dirty clothes baskets.  one for nappies, one for light colours and one for everything else.  I have been eyeing off one of those triple  laundry things on wheels for “lights”, “darks” and “colours” but I may have to wait for that baby.


Hanging up is the kids “going out” clothes.  Nothing special,  just clothes that were not covered in paint or mud stains.

And that’s it really.  Although we never planned to have a “Clothes room”  It has worked out so well.  I really think it will make life easier for everyone.

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