Our week….

This week has been busy and wet!

It was our big food shopping week and I did an extra bulk  order of Honey, Spelt flour, Oats and organic canned goods.

Some of our yummy goods!


15kg of raw local honey…need I say more!


I am keen to get baking again as I had been out of spelt for a while.

I also lashed out and purchased this fantastic dish brush.  You can add your own soap if you want and its made with all natural materials.  I love it.

20150621_100435 20150621_100559

I tried my hand at soaking some Chia seeds in Milk for a breakfast pudding and It was so yummy.  I will definatly be doing it regularly.20150614_193954Enjoying a plate of creamed Kale on toast.  Yummy!!


I always try to sneak in an opp shop or two on our shopping day and this week I

scored this awesome magnet word game in the opp shop for $4.



Everyone seamed  keen to get Arty this week.  Probably because it was too wet to go outside. It was lovely to watch.


Lots of painting  instigated by the artist in the family and his new birthday table top easel. 20150619_101038 20150619_101045


Managed to do a bit of Crochet earlier this week as I hurt my back throwing Miss A around and had to rest up for a few days. Luckily G was home to take care of everyone and I was able to rest.

20150620_182742 20150620_182748 20150620_182856 20150620_182944

Still have to tie in a few ends but I love the colours in this one so I might keep it for myself. It has a mixture of textures as I decided to use up all the random balls of  yarn that I had bought without a project in mind.

I also managed to finish off some more dish cloths for the kitchen.


Hope you have had a great week.

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