Our bus so far….

A few months ago We decided it was time for us to buy a bus!  lol.  Actually we were thinking about how we had never been on a family holiday all together and how we could really afford it.  I love travelling but to be honest I am not really into “Camping”.  Because of building our house from the ground up, we have spent whole winters showering out side!  We have had times without power and many times without hot water!  It has often  felt a lot like camping or  “roughing it”.  So I thought if we are going to do this,  let’s do it in style!!  Having our own little house on wheels meant we could drive as long as we liked and stay where ever we like for very little.  It also meant we didn’t have to pitch tents etc.

We looked at buses that had already been decked out but none of them would seat us all so we decided to get one and deck it out ourselves.  Not as easy as you would think but G is so great at things like this I knew we could do it.

So we found a bus and bought it! And here she is.

063 064

It’s a 98 Toyota coaster bus.

We had to remove seats before starting the fit out….



 Always someone around to give dad some help.


Adding in the bunks and our double bed at the back.



A friend near by  was throwing out a perfectly good double mattress so that was great timing.


While the kids are little they will have to share a bunk.  We will see how it goes.  We might eventually replace one of the front kids seat so that the front one can face the other way and turn into a dinette, which can then become a bed for one of the bigger kids.


Looking back from the front of the bus.

Still a lot of work to go but we are hoping to go away at the end of July 2015 to the snow.  Something we have been trying to do for years now but we had kept having babies so we kept putting it off…..but this is the year!!

We are so excited.   It will be such a fun way to get away and enjoy our beautiful country.

We will keep you updated on the progress.


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