Bliss Balls……

I have been busy cooking today.  We did our big shop yesterday and I stocked up on seeds, nuts and dried fruits.

So I made a batch of “Bliss Balls”.

I never use exact measurements I just go by the texture and look.

You need approximately 1/2 dry – 1/2 wet ingredients so when you form balls they stick together well.

Also wet your hands slightly when forming the balls….it helps a lot!!

I kept some out and put the rest in the freezer for another day.


Bliss balls


Dried dates

coconut oil


Cashew nuts

sunflower seeds


Puff  rice/quinoa

coconut desiccated


Blitz all the dry ingredients separately and transfer to a bowl. I left our the puff quinoa and just added it at the end.

Then Blitz your dates with coconut oil, honey and a little water if needed.

Mix together in a bowl and form into little balls.

Roll in coconut.

Keep in the fridge. can be frozen.



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