Monthly interest shelf…..Oceans!


This month we have been reading about Oceans.  We have a low shelf in our “play room/homeschool room” which I thought would be a great place to display the things we are interested in and the kids can check out the different things at their leisure.

This month it was “oceans”!  I collected all the books we had relating to the subject and placed them on the shelf.  The kids found a bit of coral to put on and also 2 toy whales. I thought it would be good for the kids to add things throughout the month as we went along.   I also printed out some books from the A-Z reading website to go along with the topic.

We read about The great barrier reef,  the different oceans, diving, ship wrecks and much more.

The kids really enjoyed it.  I often saw them taking a book off the shelf and looking through it.

I would love to include some Ocean themed craft  and Art activities but this month we have been a bit busy and  we didn’t manage it.

I cant wait to set up the next one!

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