Muesli recipe

We have been buying muesli as mr G likes it but it is so expensive, even for the non organic stuff, so I decided to make up a huge batch .  I already had excess oats from my bulk food shop 2 weeks ago so all I needed was some dried fruits and nuts etc.

You can add anything you want really…

This is what I used


Recipe for home made Muesli


sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, pepeitas, LSA, chopped cashews

dried dates, currants, sultanas, goji berries

coconut oil,  honey




Mix all ingredients accept the LSA and goji berries into a big bowl.

Gently melt honey and oil in a pot and pour over the mix.

Place into an oven tray and bake for about 40 mins.

You need to stir and mix the muesli regularly  during the cooking.

Its ready when it starts to turn golden brown.


Transfer back to your bowl and mix in the remaining ingredients.

store in air tight containers.  I usually keep any extra muesli in the freezer as it stays fresher longer.

In the end I made about 3kg of muesli and it only cost about $20!

This is cheaper than the non organic,  sugary stuff you get at the supermarket.

Serve with yoghurt and fruit.

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