A day at the Medievil fair 2015

We had a wonderful day at the annual Abbey Medieval fair last weekend.  The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere fantastic!

We threw together some costumes, loaded up the bus and headed down.

The fair is very well organised and there is lots of room to move about and take it all in.  We don’t go to too many festivals these days as it’s just not very relaxing when you have little ones to watch, but this one is the perfect family outing.

kids sword fighting, medievil fair 2015
The boys enjoying a friendly sword fight!

First stop was the food area,  We were all starving and we thought we would beat the lunch time rush and have ours early.  Gyan got a HUGE plate of salty pork which the kids all shared with him.


I went with my usual vegetarian plate from the Hare Krishna tent.  soooo good!  The we cruised around checking everything out as we walked.


The kids decided they wanted to buy some medieval fudge so they counted all their money out on the big shield.


Purchasing the fudge!

There is always so much to look at and we actually missed a few things this year.  The kids were keen to watch some knights fighting and then they open the area for the kids to go for it.  It was amazing that none of them seamed to get hurt.  Can you imaging giving a bunch of kids ,of all ages, swords and saying go for it??  Amazingly,  They all seamed to fight honerably…lol.


My favourite part is always the Gypsy encampment.  I love it!

The clothes, the stalls, the dancing and of course the wagons.

Making myself at home!

It has always been a secret dream of mine to travel around by means of horse and cart.  I know….not really realistic, so we have a bus instead. lol.



Some tired looking knights at the end of the day!

Such a great day out and such a fab way to introduce the kids to medieval times. 20150712_120523

An awesome, fun day out!  We will definately be going again next year!

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