Monthly Interest shelf….Medieval times!


To follow on from our visit to the Medieval fair we have been reading all about medieval times.  We already had a couple of great books to start with.

homeschool, king Arthur

The first was a wonderful book on King Arthur and the knights of the round table.  A book I actually found in the opp shop in perfect, un-used condition!  I knew it would come in handy when we started on this subject. This is such a great book which tells the story of Merlin, King Arthur and all the knights of the round table.  It tells of Guenevere and Lancelot love , The lady of the lake and Excalibur, the sword and the stone and all the other tales of the time of the great King Arthur. It was great for our age group as an introduction.


It was so fun to read a bit each day with the kids and then there was a board game at the end which we played together.

homeschool, king Arthur

There were different parts to pull out and read throughout the book.

We also read from our other book “Life in the middle ages”. This explains what life was like in the middle ages including the hierarchy, peasant life, being a tradesman, being a knight and  farming.  It was  also a great book for a basic introduction on this subject.

Homeschool, Castles

We set up our Castle and knights set for the kids to play with.


I printed out some blank shields for the kids to decorate and add embellishments to.




It has been such a great topic to learn about which we have all enjoyed.  We really  only touched on the subject of the middle ages and now the kids are moving onto the next thing of interest but I am sure this will be ongoing in our house.  Maybe an annual medieval celebration!

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