Home made laundry liquid……


This week I wanted to share the recipe I use for our home made laundry liquid.  I have been doing it for a while now and it saves us so much money!  It cleans just as well as the bought stuff in my opinion.  (and remember my kids are bush kids and get muddy on a daily basis..lol)   There are many mums out there already doing it but for those of you who havent tried it yet here is the recipe I use……..


1 box of sunlight soap.  You get about 6 cakes in the box so its plenty to make       probably about a years supply of washing liquid. (and I also use it for hand wash)
1 bag of washing soda
1 box of borax
(these are Aussie brands)

All of these ingredients cost about $14 and make a huge amount.   I make about 4 batches a year so the total cost for a years supply would be under $20!!



 1 cake of soap grated
1 cup of washing soda
1 cup of borax
20 litres water


Grate 1 bar of soap

Heat up a pot of water on the stove and put in the soap flakes,  stir with a wooden spoon.

IMAG0424 IMAG0430 IMAG0436

Meanwhile fill up your buckets with hot tap water leaving enough room for your soap mix…….( I use 2 x 10 litre food grade buckets)



When the soap is all melted pour the soap mix into the buckets and add the 2 remaining ingredients slowly and stir with your wooden spoon until combined.


At this point you can add some lavender or other essential oils if you like but I have never bothered.
After it’s all mixed up just put the buckets out of the way somewhere and leave over night.  In the morning the mixture will have turned all gooey and gelatinous and is ready to use.
I just decant some into smaller bottles for easy use. To transfer to another container you will have to smoodge up the mixture for it to pour properly.
(The kids always like this job but wash their hands off after as it is very soapy)

I use about a cup for a 10kg machine and I have even been even watering it down a bit lately.

and there you have it….It usually takes me about 15 mins all up and cost about 5c a load!

Does it work you ask????

I have found it cleans as good as any store-bought one. Even on my boys dirty farm clothes they still come out clean. I do buy some Earth friendly fabric softener and add a small amount to bedding.
I am so happy with it and it really does save us so much money.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Happy washing!!

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