First bus tour and snow trip 2015.


We are back from our very first family holiday in the bus!  Actually it was really our first family holiday together….ever!  We set off 2 weeks ago in the bus heading south towards the snow.  No real plan, Just to see some family along the way and take the kids to see the snow!

The bus is not quite finished yet but we couldn’t wait any longer or we would miss the snow. We managed to sew up some temporary curtains and get some cold weather bedding organised.  Threw in  some cooking gear, a table and chairs etc  and set off!!!

It took us just under 2 weeks and we drove 3700 km!    So many people said we were crazy to take 4 young kids on such a long trip and I now realize they were right!!  ha ha    BUT….we had such a fantastic time and we are already planning the next trip!!

Here are some moments from the trip..

Co-pilot ready with maps book and compass for the first leg of the journey!!!
Beautiful Byron Bay….A run on the beach to stretch our legs!!
Our bus looking out on the most eastern part of Australia…You can see the lighthouse in the background!!
This is the Manning river in NSW…we actually saw dolphins swimming here just after this.
If you look closely you can see a couple of dolphins….
A quick snack stop along the way…..Coffee on the stove…..and a lovely backdrop!

We stoped overnight a few times on the way down including a night in Sydney to see some family.

The street I used to live on in Canberra. So many memories of this time. The house is no longer there unfortunately.

It was our big guys birthday when we arrived in Canberra so we went to Questacon.  It was so great. The kids loved it.  Hands on learning at its finest!! There was so much to see, we will definitely go back next time we are in Canberra.

  IMAG0785 IMAG0803 IMAG0853 IMAG0850

IMAG0895 IMAG0899 IMAG0901

The War memorial was next where we looked up one of the kids ancestors. I wish we had more time here but it got so cold and late in the day.  Canberra is sooo cold!!


The boys really wanted to go up Telstra tower so Gyan took them up.  We had spent the morning at the botanical gardens meeting up with some old friends from my Canberra days. It was so good to see them again…..It had been about 10 years!

We also got to catch up with one of my sisters and her girls which was so lovely. We really enjoyed Canberra…There is a lot to see and it was an easy city to get around in the bus.

Then it was on to the snow!!!

Our campsite near the snow was amazing.  The kangaroos were so friendly!

IMAG1059 IMAG1066  The fire pit was already set up and each campsite had their own with a huge timber picnic table to use.


We were only 10 minutes drive to Perisher. We had power, our own fire pit with a grill to cook on, playground, laundry facilities and so much wildlife! It was beautiful….  We will definitely go here again.

These 2 little cuties were just rolling around in the snow having so much fun.
We found this guy up the top of the hill……
Snow fight!!
Somebody did not like the cold at all so luckily we had the bus to go back to and hang out when it got too much for her.
It was so beautiful up there!
IMAG1041 This poor little guy was sick when we finally reached the snow but he was such a little trooper and had fun despite feeling poorly!

This time we just hired some toboggans to play with but I think the kids were keen to try snow boarding, so next time I think we will have to get them on some boards.

After a few days of snow we had all had enough.  Poor Xev was crook most of the way so far and Ari didn’t like the snow so we packed up and headed North again. We had a few stops on the way back north so we took our time. We caught up with more family on the journey home.

Dodging a bit of wildlife along the way.
This guy drove all the way in our bus LIKE A BOSS!!! Thanks dad!

IMAG0929 IMAG0930

Everyone was so tired by the end of the trip.  We did so much along the way and the driving really takes it out of you.  I am so proud of the kids for doing so well….Its not easy to sit in a bus for hours each day. But they got to see some of our beautiful country and touch the snow finally. (something we had been trying to do for years) We saw some family and the kids got to meet some cousins they had never met before.  It was such a great experience for them.


The first thing we saw when we pulled up was our beautiful jasmine bush in full bloom.  I could smell it in the air as we stepped off the bus.  It was a nice welcome home after a LONG trip.

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