Our week…


This week I have had a house full of little sickies.  Poor little things, we got back from our holiday and they fell one by one.  My poor little Ari with a raging ear infection.  So its been a week of relaxing, snuggling up and lots of movies.

Our crazy happy home Australia

I have been busy getting really inspired in our homeschool journey. Ari has been having a few day naps again this week so I have snuck a bit of time on the computer…reading, printing, laminating and ordering. I was keen to get back into a routine on the monday after we got back but everyone has been too sick so I have used this week to get organised.  I have tidied up the homeschool/playroom and I re-organised our resources and shelves.  I love to rearrange the room and I notice that the kids enjoy the change too.

Homeschool Sword fight

This week I have been printing my little heart out.  My printer is about 10 years old and has an ant colony living in it, so I don’t know why it is still working but it is has been printing like a champion this week.

ant farm
My printer

Homeschooling Australia

On monday we did manage to start a bit of school work…….We started reading about the human body.  I wanted to organise some things to go with that study.  I have ordered a torso with removable organs so the kids can see how it all works.  They are really into the topic so far.


I have started organising some things for Xev so I have things ready for him to do when he asks. He will be prep age  soon so I guess I am just getting ready for him. I would like to introduce some Montessori style tray activities for him (or anyone else) to try and  also offer him some activities like “letter of the week” etc.  Just fun stuff for now.  There are so many great ideas out there and I am so inspired to bring some of them into our home.  I am hoping on Monday everyone is ready to get back into our normal routine.

Homestead dreaming

We have started filling our raised garden beds and planted some chives to mark the occasion. These are right near the house and will be mainly for salad and herbs. We plan to put another one right beside it. We have started planning our chicken coop again…hopefiully it wont be too far away.

HOmeschooling snakes and ladders

 I am so inspired in our homeschooling journey, There are so many things I want to explore with the kids.  Xev will be the first one I will teach to read from the start and I am really excited to watch him learn.   He is already asking for his “schoolwork” , so I want to have some things ready for him when he wants to join in.  Homeschooling is such a joy.



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