Interest shelf ….The Human Body.

Human body Homeschool

This past week or so we have been catching up on some book work and enjoying being home.  We started reading about the Human body and its been so fun.  I had been collecting a few books on the subject at opp shops etc because I knew we would be learning about it at some stage. We started by just reading a bit each morning through our books and learning about the basic body organs and functions.

homeschool unit study human body

After lots of on-line searching I finally managed to find a human body kit with removable organs at our local Big w.  I was so happy as I knew the kids would really enjoy removing the organs and then reading about what they did for us in our bodies.  It was a big hit!

Human body study


I have made up some nomenclature cards to go with our studies. I printed them from Suzies home education ideas.  These ones are to go with a different body model but they worked in well with ours anyway. She has a great some great ideas on this topic and some helpful printable.


I also managed to find a heart and eye kit which will be great as an extension on the human body study.  There is so much to learn so I think it will be something that we revisit each year.

So far we have kept out “unit Studies” quite simple with lots of reading together and talking about the subject.    Then we do some hands on activities to go with the subject.  I like to keep it simple and really do what the kids enjoy.  They love me reading to them so we do this a lot.

Unit studies are a great way to learn together no matter what age you kids are.  There are some great website offering free ideas for unit studies.  Homeschool share is a good place to start.  You don’t have to follow exactly what is layed out for each unit study, you can choose the bits that suit you and leave the rest.

It’s a great way to learn and so far we have all really enjoyed this part of our day.

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