Our week.

Its been a really fun week.  We have been learning about the human body which has been so interesting and fun. You can read more about it here. I have been busy organising more activities for my little ones.  There are so many great ideas out there and I want to do it all…lol.  I love hands on learning!  I found a cheap shelf at the op shop/thrift shop for $10 that we can use for  Montessori style shelf activities.  I have only set up a couple of activities so far but Xev has really enjoyed them so I can’t wait to introduce more.


File folder games…..

file folder games

I managed to make up a few new file folder games.  I have made some in the past and you can check them out here. They seem to be mainly for the younger ages but its fun making them and the kids enjoy playing with them. Most of mine are from the file folder fun website. There is also a great list on the Free homeschool deals site. These are the ones I made this week.

file folder games

This one will be set out in a tray with the pegs.  Child has to match up the correct number with the picture.  You could also use small stones, glass beads etc for counting out the correct amount and placing next to the picture.

file folder games

beginning sounds and blends then match up the picture.

file folder games homeschool
3 letter word reading and matching up the picture. Great for new readers.

Shamrock End sounds. I love this one. so cute.

file folder games
This one is a simple apple match with numbers. I actually made this one out of felt as part of a busy book I started a while age.

I have written on the side roughly what grade level it is for each activity so it is easier to select one out of the box each time and not have to open each one to know if its appropriate for that child.  So far the kids are really enjoying them.

file folder homeschool days

We set up one of our raised garden beds and planted in tomato, basil, lettuce and chives.  We also set up a place in the shade for planing and potting our seeds before the get put into the bigger gardens.  It feels so good to finally be growing SOME food.  It’s a start anyway.

vegie gardenIMAG1588

I am so off my game in the kitchen lately.  Ever since we got back from our holiday I cant seem to get it together.  BUT  I am determined to start making bread and yoghurt again and be more organised in the kitchen.  I have managed a few home made slices and cakes for our snack times.  This weeks was carrot and zuchini cake with organic sultanas.  The kids seamed to enjoy it even though is wasnt very sweet.

Meal planning

We are very due to do our bulk food order from the Organic super store near us so I am going to do that this week.  We are just at the end of our honey, oats, flour rapadura coconut etc. It’s always exciting to have a house full of lovely organic ingredients ready to go. Bring on the baking.

And of course lots and lots of playing.

homeschool days Blocks

Crazy happy home

our crazy happy home

toddler activities
Dinosaur play.

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