Cous Cous with Garlic, Kale and sharp cheese.


A new recipe I tried this week was cous cous and Kale with garlic.  We all really enjoyed it and it would be a great accompaniment to a stew in winter or a BBq in summer.  It was a quick and easy for a lunch on its own too.  I don’t usually use Cous cous so next time I think I will swap it for Buckwheat, rice or Quinoa. Much healthier too.



cous cous regular or pearl


olive oil

Large bunch of Kale

Any sharp cheese like parmesan.

Salt and pepper



Prepare the cous cous as per on the box.  Usually equal parts boiling water to cous cous in a bowl and cover for a few minutes. Then fluff up with a fork.

Heat oil in large pot add garlic and then kale.  Stir until Kale is very wilted.  If you need to add a drop of water here and there to stop it sticking.

When the Kale is soft enough add the cheese.  The cheese is optional but it does add a lot of flavour.

Then separate the cous cous with a fork and mix in the Kale. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Kale Cous cous

This was such a quick and easy lunch and even my one fussy guy enjoyed it.  YAY!

Kale Our crazy happy home

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