Homeschool planning and more organisation.

Montessori Shape cards

This past month or so I have been furiously searching the internet for fresh new ideas to bring into our homeschool.  I guess the fact that Xev would normally be off to start prep next year (2016) if we were not homeschooling.  This means I would “normally” have 3 in school. SO,  I have been thinking a lot about what he might like to do.  I am certainly not going to push him in any way but I would like to have things ready for him and encourage him to join in with us whenever he likes.  The main focus with him at this stage will be learning to read.  I have rearranged our homeschool room and set up an area for our “reader” books.

learn to read books

I have also attempted to set up an area for some Montessori style “shelf activities”, but with little miss around that is a hard thing to achieve.  At the moment it is very simple so she can help herself aswell.   You can see she has been busy making her mark on the walls.  She does love to draw!

shelf work

I have been reading a lot about the Montessori approach.  If you don’t know anything about it you can check out the Australian website here. We do not follow one single approach to homeschooling.  We are definitely “eclectic” in our homeschool and  I love to read about different teaching/Learning styles so I can see what might work for us.

montessori cards

I found The Montessori Print Shop website and fell in love with all their lovely printables.  They are very reasonably priced (some are free) so I purchased a few thing to get us started.  Mainly for Language arts. Once you pay you receive the prinables straight away ready to print. A lot of these printables are usable with the movable alphabet which I have been drooling over for some time.

After much deliberating I  went ahead and ordered the Montessori moveable alphabet to go with the printables.  I found it hard at first to justify spending all that money.  I truly feel you can homeschool with very little money, BUT,  we havent really bought much at all so far. In fact our petrol cost almost halved when we started homeschooling which was a huge saving, so I thought It was time to have a bit of a splurge and get us some resources to play with.  I am so excited to get it here and see it in action.

I also jumped on-line and ordered a few other things to play with which I thought could help us with our learning.  I will do a post about everything when it arrives.

I have done a lot of sorting out in our Homeschool/Playroom so that everything is organised and easy to use. Below is the cupboard where I keep some of the things we don’t need everyday and I have started to organise all the printable cards, I have made, into the small plastic containers.  I havent labeled them all yet but they are sorted out and ready to use.  On the inside of the doors I have stuck some Game instructions.

homeschool storage

Below is our toy cupboard.  I don’t put everything out at once so I can rotate the toys and keep it interesting.

toy storage

Some of the toys are in circulation and I didn’t tidy before these pics so this is how they look most of the time.

All of our puzzles and games are in a different cupboard with glass doors so that the kids can see them and help them selves.  All of our Art suplys are now in a glass front cupboard so that the kids can see whats there and help them selves.  This has brought on a new wave of creativity and although I often face a huge mess to clean up it is so worth it.

I guess organising is ongoing in most homes.  I know with us things are always changing and being rearranged.  It feels good to get organised around the house and especially in our homeschool room.  It is Spring after all.


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