Buying in bulk….Food shopping and Costco trial!


This week we decided to start monthly food shopping again.  Hopefully this means only one trip to a supermarket each month and everything else we should be able to get from our local farmers market.  I finally decided to give Costco a trial run for a year and see if its worth it and also to see if we can get the sort of food that we like to eat.  We try to eat mainly whole foods and make most things from scratch whenever we can.  Sometimes I cheat but this is the goal.   I also like to buy in bulk where ever I can.  This saves time, money, packaging, petrol and trips to the shops.  The rainy season here also means there is a chance we can get flooded in ,  so I like to be well stocked up in case we get stuck at home.  When Mr Xev was born we got stuck for 2 weeks straight!!!

So….here is a look at what we managed to get this time.  I was so happy to see they had some organic options including Chia seeds, Flax seeds and cacao powder.  These were all a really good price so I stocked up.

organic chia seeds


IMG_0283 IMG_0277

We also bought a side of lamb which was in the fridge when I took these pics.  We have never done this before but it was such good value we thought we would give it a try.  Also in the fridge was some beef, mince and some other cuts for the slow cooker.  We don’t eat a lot of red meat,  so this is another trial for us.   We are looking into buying organic meat but we didn’t this time round.

If you have never been to Costco before you might not know that they sell other things… toys, books, kitchen items, clothes and more.  Not everything is really cheap BUT some things are a real savings and you don’t always have to buy a whole truck full.

Anyway,  I am pretty happy with what we came out with.  We will see how it goes over the year and decide if its worth continuing after that.

On the same day we picked up our Organic bulk food order which was 15kg of raw local honey,  12 cans of organic coconut cream, some tins of plain tomatoes, Buckwheat flour, spelt flour and a few other bits and pieces for our muesli.                  This week I picked up our fruit and veg from a local fruit shop.

This was a mega long day but if we only have to do it once a month then it’s so worth it.  We are already a week in and have only needed to grab some extra milk.

I will do an update in a few months on how things are going.

Happy food shopping!!!

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