A day in the life….Our daily routine.

Today I thought I would share a typical day in the life of us. We are fairly new to homeschooling and its taken a while to find our rhythm.  I really feel good about where we are at right now and I think that it is because of our daily routine.  Most of our days flow along nicely because everyone knows what is happening and that works well for the people in this house.   This year has been such a joy for all of us and I really look forward to each day together.  Of course it is not always exactly the same but generally when we are here and homeschooling, our day would look something like this….


          I wake and attempt to work out and do some yoga (but 90% of the time I                       just make a cup of  tea and enjoy the peace and quiet…… Sometimes I will use this as my computer time or work on a crochet project.


  I have a shower and get ready for the day….this is when I usually do a bit of yoga and stretching but only about 15mins.  (its better than nothing)


    Kids usually start straggling out of bed while I am organizing breakfast. We have a chat about the day ahead.


      Breakfast together.  Then kids will vaguely help tidy up breaky, do their teeth and (sometimes) get dressed. If its cold and we are not going out, then hey…one of the perks of homeschooling!

After all that’s done the kids play while I finish cleaning up Breaky,  put on some laundry, hang laundry out, Quick sweep or vac, quick tidy up,  get dinner in the slow cooker and get homeschool activities ready if I didn’t manage to do it the night before.   This is also when I would start some bread or finish yogurt etc if I am onto it, but lately I have found it hard to squeeze it in.


Have some play time with kids particularly younger ones before we start our “schoolwork”  If the weather is good we play outside early in the morning.


      Make a smoothie for the kids and/or have a quick snack and mum gets a much needed coffee.


     This is when I aim to get everyone into our Homeschool/play room to start our morning structured learning activities.  I will do a post soon in more detail on what we do during this time.  Generally its lots of reading together, some hands on activities and a bit of book work. Usually about 2-3hrs  with a couple of snack breaks along the way and more coffee.

When we have finished our work we all tidy up together and I get lunch organized.


Lunch together…… today was wholemeal, seedy wraps with salad, cheese and tahini.  sooo good!!  Tidy up from lunch and the kids play a bit.


This  is supposed to be quiet time…..usually  just some quiet play or an audio book.  If its really hot outside we might have a movie and just chill for a while in the aircon. I will check on laundry….again…..and maybe throw a few things into baskets and then I realize I should be sitting down and sipping tea while the kids are settled.


 Afternoon tea and then more play time. If its winter we might go for a walk  around our property but in summer its still too hot to go outside.  Sometimes we might pull out the paints or pastels and get creative.


We head outside for a walk around the property or a bit of gardening or just play outside.  There is a pool on a neighboring property which we are allow to use so in summer we will head over for an afternoon swim.


 Big tidy up before “Tech time”  The big boys have some computer time (usually minecraft) and the little kids sometimes watch a show.  Lately the little ones are not interested in TV, which is fine with me, so they just play. I finish up anything for dinner and do some more laundry.  Pull in dry washing and pile it up ready to sort.  I don’t fold too much…I don’t have time…lol…most things just go into baskets and few things get hung up.   You can read about our family clothes room here.


 Baths happen!   Unless we have been for a swim the kids get a bath most nights.  They are farm kids and usually need it!!!  I only wash hair once a week though.


Dinner time.  We all eat dinner together unless G and I decide we would like to eat together later…this is sort of like a “date night” I guess, as we never get out for a real one.  Usually once or twice a week.


Teeth, toilet, drink of water etc and head to bed for some reading time.  Ari goes to bed about now.


 I head into the boys room and read to them for a while.


  Lights out and sometimes an Audio book.  The boys all share a room at this stage so I get them in early, but I am not sure how long this is going to last as Korben is getting a bit too old to go to be at 7.30, but for now its ok.


 The kids are all settled, the house is picked up….sort of………and  Gyan and I attempt to work on our own projects for a bit. ( but we are usually too tired so we attempt to watch a show on netflix and usually fall asleep)

And that’s about it. Sometimes, in the afternoon, we might head to the skate park or a playground if the weather is nice. We have a few scheduled activities during the week, like homeschool meet ups and workshops etc.   I don’t like to over schedule the kids and they don’t cope well with it anyway. There will be plenty of that when they are older so for now we like to stay home as much as possible and keep our days simple.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “A day in the life….Our daily routine.

  1. Hey Sammy, thanks for sharing! I loved hearing about a regular day for you guys. Sounds great! I have so much admiration for you x


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