Viking unit study.



Our last “official” unit study for the year has been Vikings.

This has been another fun one to read about.  Again, I kept it really simple, mainly reading from books about some of the famous vikings from history like Eric the Red and his son Leif Ericsson.  We mapped out the places that they explored on our big wall map so the kids could see where in the world they were from and where they traveled to.



I found a few printables online to read from and also read from some of the books we had already.

The kids really enjoyed reading about the Viking long boats and we did lots of coloring and drawings about Vikings.


The printables I found at Sparkle box and also The enchanted learning website.

We printed some  Viking words to get familiar with some of the places and names and talk about what they were.



We played a fun little game that I printed and laminated.


I have kept all of the printed material as I know we will revisit this topic in the future and as the kids get older we will go into more detail.

Now we are just finishing up on our “bookwork” as Christmas is only 2 weeks away and most of the schools in Australia are already finished for the year. (Although we don’t follow the public school calendar)

Today the kids wanted to learn about the titanic so we read some books on famous ships in history and I managed to find a great documentary for them to watch. you can find it here.  They are already asking to watch it again today!

I am amazed at how interesting history is to the kids. (and to me)  I am sure that when I was in school it was so boring and I don’t remember learning much at all.  My high school geography teacher was awful and as a result  I disliked geography until I became an adult and realized it was actually interesting and also important to at least have a general knowledge about our world.

I guess when you follow the interests of the kids and wait for them to strike an interest in something, then its easy to learn and remember information. So far in our homeschooling journey I have found the kids always really keen to learn about our world, geography and history.  These are our favorite “subjects” as we get to learn all together and the kids get to pick what we learn about.  Thats one of the great things about homeschooling. The freedom to choose what you learn about, when and how you are going to learn it.

Only 2 weeks till Christmas…..we have some ornaments to make.

Blog post to follow.    Have a great day!  🙂




2 thoughts on “Viking unit study.

  1. Yes, they really enjoyed it. I am obsessed with making things for our homeschool…lol. There are so many fun things to do. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂


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