Hand made, hands on learning activities.



I have been busy lately putting together some more hands on learning activities for us to use this year. There are so many wonderful and creative things you can do but it does get a bit overwhelming.

I try to stay focused on things that I really feel we will use regularly and things that tie in with our homeschool style. (whatever that is)

Here are some of the activities I have found and put together for us to use.  I will try to provide the links of where I found everything in case you would like to try some of them yourself.

Learning time, 3 part cards from The Montessori print shop. We have already used these and they are a great resource for learning time.

Fraction circles.  I found for free online and laminated them.  3 part cards for learning fractions from The Montessori print shop.


I put together this little maths manipulative box for a number of different activities including this cute Lady bug game.  You can use it many ways and there are lots of free printables that you could use with it. This one is from the teachers pay teachers site and you can find it here.



Just a simple maths game to use with counters and dice.



I have also purchased the Montessori movable alphabet and also some word cards to go with it.  You can find all the Montessori printables from the Montessori print shop.  This Making words printable is from Make Take Teach.  She has some fun ideas.


Beginning blends bingo from This reading mama.


Simple word cards from Homeschool Creations.  She has many free printables.  We will use these with Alphabet tiles. Matching letters and learning basic 3 letter words. Also matching upper and lower case letters.


These are a free printable from The Montessori Print shop.

They have many free things to print but I have found a few more things from them well worth the small price.  I will do another post on some of the other things I have purchased from them and how we are using them.  This year we are trying out a few Montessori hands on activities to see how it fits with our family.  

I might stop there and do up another post soon on the other things we are going to use this year.

Thanks for reading……..

x Sam


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