Shiloh 7 Months and finally finding our homeschool groove!



Hello out there.

Well, since having our 5th baby life has been busy and I have found it really hard to do any posting on our blog here.  But I am really trying to get back into a groove with it again. I love sharing our journey and the things I find that are helping us, in the hopes that you might find it helpful too.


So, Basically this year so far has been trying to get back into our homeschool groove. The dynamic changed a lot this year with adding a new baby and also having another child who is ‘school age”.

This is ls the first child I am teaching to read from the start.  My older 2 boys spent a short time in school for grade prep and 1 so they were already starting to read when we started to homeschool.

So this has been so exciting for me and also a little daunting. He is also my very active boy so I wondered even if he would sit still for me….ever!  lol

Anyway I am going to share that journey with you and let you know what I am using and what is working for us.

Also this year we are following more of a Charlotte Mason method for education and also using Unit Studies along side.  This is just the way that seams to work for us.  I will go into more detail about how our days are going soon and how it all works.

I feel like we have finally got our groove back now, ha ha and its only term 2. Oh well, better late than never!

We also have a new homeschool space which I will share soon.

So thats a but of an update on whats been happening.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

x Sam

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